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We are techlovers, digital artists and skilled designers.
We make illustrations, graphic designs, concept arts and motion designs. Do you want the WAAAW effect?

Whaaat we do ?

WAAAW is a creative studio based in Belgium (You know, the european country where you find waffles and beers).

WAAAW is the creative little brother of the consulting and digital development agency mediakod.com

We are specialised in creative visual content developments for entertainment projects and breathtaking designs for brands and events.

Our team is composed of creative minds and efficient project managers to provide the best illustrations, videos and designs

2d & 3d illustration

  • Web still
  • Matte painting
  • Book cover


  • Event concept
  • Brand identity
  • Layout
  • Branding
  • Prepress

Visual development

  • Artistic direction
  • Digital R&D
  • Concept art
  • Virtual Reality
  • Character design

Motion design

  • Title sequence
  • Live action Videos
  • Animation

Some of our recent aaachievment

  • Tous Acteurs

    "Tous acteurs" is an event organised by a major Energy provider in Belgium.

    Our work was to create the introduction sequence of the show.

    It was an evocation of Back to the future.

    We pushed the presentator of the show into a flying DeLorean.

    Project shot with DJI Mavic Pro and made in Blender and After Effects.

  • Digital Eurometropolis

    Digital Eurometropolis is a structure created by the Eurometropole Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai.

    It facilitate and helps start-uppers in their business creation.

    We had the opportunity to make the launch teaser video of the kick-off event.

    A big maelstrom of stock footages, motion creation, title designs and energic editing!

  • acces cible

    2 Full CG Video spot produced for Orga-Format to promote their new app.

    The challenge on this project was to show an app that wasn't existing yet.

    We've made some fake UI and we focused on the features offered by the forthcoming app in order to present something that can be understood.

    Made in Blender and post produced in AE.

  • IFAPME Tournai

    We reallized this TV advert for the formation center network IFAPME.

    The mission covered all the aspects, from script to the broadcast delivery.

    Shot with DJI Osmo 4K camera, post-produced in Adobe After Effects.

  • Le Meilleur est Avenir

    "Le Meilleur est Avenir" is the name of an event organized by a major energy network manager in Belgium.

    The task assigned to WAAAW Studio by the event agency Nouvelle Dimension for this project was multifaceted.

    We adorned the space with animated sequences. Additionally, we created three large-scale illustrations (20 meters long).

    Lastly, we were responsible for producing the broadcasted videos.

  • Centre Hospitalier de Wallonie picarde

    The CHWAPI, a major hospital center in Belgium, organized an event to launch their whole new infrastructures.

    We had the mission to create all the documentaries, the introduction title sequence and the credits of the show.

    The idea was basicaly to create a "Game of Thrones" sequence to show the buillding of this new hospital.

    The video was shot on DJI MAVIC drone, we tracked the rush and integrated a CG version of the construction.

  • Yurkhan-space-station

    Yurkhan is a Twitch french channel.

    Its activities are sci-fi reviews, novel lectures, critics and more.

    Yurkhan is also a fictional space station where the different shows occurs.

    We are creating the illustrations of the universe of this online concept.

    CG made in Blender and Adobe photoshop.

  • Metaverse

    One of our clients approached us to develop a presentation project centered around the metaverse theme.

    The aim was to seamlessly integrate the use of virtual reality into their communication.

    The project materialized through a virtual production within a VR space, incorporating avatars and capturing footage within these environments.

  • Un nouveau foyer

    The Epicura hospital chain, located in Belgium, implemented a live performance project on the occasion of the inauguration of its new building in Ath.

    We were commissioned to create the video film that formed the visual foundation of the performance.

  • koralt

    Occasionally, between two client projects, we embark on side projects to explore techniques, practice a bit, or simply for the joy of it.

    Here's a cool one!

    A fake TV series title sequence created with a personal helmet design.

    This project was accomplished using Blender, Substance Painter, After Effects, and Premiere Pro.

  • Dataskill

    We have been entrusted by one of our clients to develop a game intended for their employees, with the aim of raising awareness about various situations leading to time loss.

    This game takes the form of a series of question-and-answer sessions accompanied by explanatory videos to enhance understanding.

  • Curavia

    Curavia is a medical facility located in Spiennes.

    Through the design of this logo, our aim was to reflect the concept of care pathways that Curavia implements with its healthcare professionals for the well-being of their patients.

  • Pizza Yolo

    Yolo is a (fictional) online pizza ordering brand operating in France and the Benelux region. We have crafted the visual identity and conducted a product photoshoot, both of which will serve as the cornerstone of their communication.

  • Ekillibre

    Ekillibre is a specialist in school catering that is revolutionizing the way students eat in Belgian schools by providing healthy and balanced meals made from local produce.

    We have designed the entire graphic identity for this client.

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